Transit Point

by A.S.Webster

First founded settlement after the colonists landed on what would become Midgard.
Located to the north where the climate is slightly warmer and the sap trees grow larger and produce more of the thick resin used by the colonists. Home of Florence Held.
Named for its main export, salt. This settlement is located to the north west of Landing.
Located south of Landing. Home of the Edge Paper Mill and known for its weaver's guild.
Deep Spring
Located toward the plains area and dotted with marshes and springs. Clay from Deep Spring is used in brick making and pottery.
North of Deep Spring.
Explorers Landing
Settlement that was built up around the Explorer Base out on the plains to the west of the settlements. Ships from the Inner worlds land and take off from here.
Waters Fall
Founded by Anna and Lucas near the cliffs and the main location of Pendress Paper Mill. Their homestead is connected by light rail to the main settlement to allow year round living.